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5 Key Reasons to Use WordPress to Build Your Website

by Editor on 15th September 2014

Why Use WordPress for Your Website?

In today’s highly competitive internet connected market it is vital for all businesses to have a really effective website. It’s important that businesses both maintain and continuously evolve their website to maximize their advantage over the competition. This is especially important as internet marketing evolves.

If your website has been built using one of the commonly used programming languages such as HTML, PHP, ASP, Python and Flash every time you want to make even a minor change to your website your website designer will need to change the code for the page requiring alterations or additions and therefore costs are incurred.

Even worse if you wish to add a new facility such as videos etc then the charges can be very expensive.

Even worse if you wish to add a new facility such as videos etc. then the charges can be very expensive. There are also other situations when changes to your website are required. For instance adding special offers or seasonal sale information, changes to your team.

But the biggest reason for making changes to your website is that it needs to have regular changes to make your website rank higher, and is commonly achieved by having a regularly updated blog, integral to the website.

All of this can achieved by having your website built using a Content Management System (CMS). There are several CMS options for content managed websites. However I always recommended that businesses either use WordPress to build their own website or find a website designer who is using WordPress to construct their website.

The other and very common situation where a business needs to make an instant, minor but vital change to a page is every time they place an advertisement on facebook they are required to install some small tracking code. Called Pixels they are installed on the specific website page that the advert is directing the visitor to. The Pixel is specific and different for each and every advert it enables both facebook and the advertiser to measure the effectiveness of that advert.

The same holds true for many other internet based advertising platforms. Remember that recent facebook changes have impacted massively on the percentage of posts that are displayed in follower’s timelines. (See my recent post The Real Facts about Facebook Posts and Facebook Advertising)

WordPress has developed into a fast and responsive content system that is easy to setup, manage and use. In fact many major brands are using WordPress based websites and blogs.

Here are some statistics that show how widely WordPress is used.

  • 75 Million Websites are built in WordPress.
  • More than half of all small business websites are built using WordPress.
  • Major brands are using WordPress to build their blogs, Facebook, Sony, Sony Music, Flicker, LinkedIn and eBay to name just a few!

So why has WordPress become the CMS of choice for most small business websites?

Here are the 5 key reasons for choosing WordPress:

Design Templates

WordPress offers multiple theme or template design options for your business. In every instance setting up a blog, posting business articles or managing your website, various WordPress templates are readily available.

Web Plugins

When installing and adding new extensions or plugins to your website or blog will not be a complicated affair. WordPress is one of the most suitable platforms as it offers a range of optional often free plugins to be added to the site for additional functionality which can be achieved in minutes. This will allow you to customise your website or blog to suit your particular needs.

SEO Friendly

For any platform to be effective and successful, the system has to be Internet or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. WordPress has a range of built-in options that helps in the SEO process. In fact Matthew Cutts, Google’s Google’s Head of Webspam Team has recently stated publically that the Google algorithms absolutely love WordPress, meaning that websites built using this platform will rank highly.

Using by using the permalinks option, you can make sure that your company’s URLs or links are search engine friendly. For example, WordPress will use a blog post title in the URL, making it more effective for search engines to link relevant keywords to your website.

You can also easily add tags or keywords to your Posts also add or group them into categories which helps in the SEO process.

Don’t forget that most website visitors come from search engines. So logically if you’re ranking highly there, you’ll get more visitors to your website pages.

WordPress offers various SEO plug-ins to enhance the effect of search engine optimisation. Using a popular plug-in such as the All-in-One SEO Pack, you’ll get maximum results within minutes. It’s ultimately easy to implement and virtually maintenance free.

You will also be able to use a plugin to build a Google sitemap to aid in the indexing of your website content on the Google search engine and other common search engines and to notify them automatically when you add content or update your website.

WordPress is Fast

The next reason is that all WordPress powered websites have a faster loading speed compared to other CMS solutions.

For instance it is believed that WordPress is 3 times faster than Joomla. Why should you be worried about your website loading speed? Well nobody likes to sit for ages waiting for a page to load, any more than a few seconds and they will be off elsewhere.

Also if you are using your website in a Google Adwords campaign, Google considers web loading speed as one its Quality Score Criteria.

A slower loading page therefore results in higher bid prices per keyword being charged.

Social Media Plugins

The last benefit of using WordPress is that there are a range of plugins that add the link buttons to all of your social media accounts i.e. twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

You can also add plugins to make the sharing of your blog posts by readers instantaneous with just a click of their mouse. Basically WordPress offers the best solution for those who want to focus on marketing of their business instead of being bothered by technical design matters.

Using WordPress is simple, powerful, fast and SEO friendly – which make for a winning combination. Especially when coupled with lower maintenance costs and the total control over all functions being kept in the hands of the business.

If you would like to know more about how to get your website built using WordPress or want help in developing your website contact me today!

Please comment below on your experiences and views.

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