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7 Steps to Social Media Success

by Editor on 14th October 2014

Some businesses seem to achieve real success by using Social Media to grow their business and create sustainable long term business relationships. There are some critical steps that these businesses always take. Unfortunately many other businesses don’t follow the same approach and the outcome is an epic failure!

When carrying out Social Media Audits for companies or running Social Media Training Programmes I identify the same mistakes repeatedly being made. The result of this is that a huge number of businesses incorrectly come to the conclusion that social media just doesn’t work.

But by following these 7 key steps you will ensure that your social media activities create the right presence creating relationships, generate enquires and profitable sales. The long term benefit is customers who become raving fans who recommend you to their friends and contacts.

 7 Vital Steps to Success in Social Media

1. Plan

Begin with a Social Media plan that integrates with your Marketing Plan. It should not be a bolt on to other forms of marketing. You need to identify measurable objectives & outcomes and have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

2. Understand your target customers

Get a clear profile of your target customers in you mind. Identify their demographics, sector, business type, size age, status, income interests etc so that you have a pen picture. Clarify what their problems are and how you your business solves them

3. Select the right Social Media Networks

Having got a crystal clear picture of your target customer and the products or services that are right for them, which Social Media Network/s will they be using? Sign up to get my free guide to the main social media networks plus more free information, tips and tools.

4. Create the Right Presence

Use consistent images and logos that conform to your business identity. Make certain that you are instantly recognisable across all of the social media networks. Write slightly differently worded but keyword rich profiles in each network profile to ensure that the search engines are not confused by the same wording everywhere. Remember to include a link to your website.

5. Get the Right Message Across

Write concise, clear messages, updates and blog posts. Use the mnemonic AIDA to plan the message. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Where possible use URL shortening to reduce the link to very short format. Have conversations not just broadcasts, too many businesses just send out sales messages. Nothing turns followers off more than buy from us type messages. Keep to the following 70/20/10 rule:

  • 70% sharing of other peoples articles or messages.
  • 20% your own articles, tips, guides etc.
  • 10% Sales messages about your products or services with a call to action.

Don’t make the communication one way monitor and respond to responses and make comments on messages posted by other people.

6. Measure and Improve

Measure the effectiveness of your social media activity. Most of the social media networks have analytics features that track the number of views, at what time of day, number of times the messages have been shared etc. All of this should be reported and analysed preferably on a weekly basis. Learn from successes & failures to improve performance.

7. Be Time Efficient

Collect articles and content using content curation tools these are mostly free and enable you to generate a stream of interesting material for sharing to your followers/fans. Use tools like social media management tools like Hootsuite to post messages, updates etc. across multiple social media networks and monitor responses. You can even schedule these in advance to go out even in your absence.

Use these steps to success and you should achieve consistently effective results from your social media activities.

Next Steps

I offer a Social Media Audit to asses if your Social Media presence has been set up to the best effect and to advise if you are using the platforms to achieve the maximum results. Should you or your team require any training I also offer this service. Alternatively I can set up your social media accounts for you then coach you and your team in using them. To learn more contact me today

Meanwhile simply click on any or all of the Social Media buttons on the right hand side of this page and start following me today!

How is your social media working for you? Please leave a comment!




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