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About Me

I am Alan Briggs Business Improvement Expert and Managing Director of Dynamic Business Strategies Ltd. a business consultancy providing business advice, business planning, finance, marketing, sales guidance, mentoring and training. These services are all delivered and managed by me, I’m also known across social media as the BizzyBizExpert.

I have been providing professional business advice, business improvement expertise, mentoring and training for almost 20 years following a successful career holding Sales & Marketing Management/Directorship positions across diverse cross sector businesses including tangible and non-tangible goods & services. Several of these roles included Business Turnaround assignments and Business Unit Start-Up’s.

I have considerable ‘Business to Business’ and ‘Business to Consumer’ experience. In addition, with two other people I started my first business, a service business at the age of 21, growing within 12 months to employ 80 people.

Check out my profile outlining my qualifications and experience.

How I work with you as a client 

After carry out an initial discussion I will identify what are the immediate issues affecting your business and propose an action plan for support.

I can also carry out a full diagnostic process and produce a report with areas for improvement, proposed consultancy projects and/or training together with a practical action plan for change.
Typically clients receive help with short, medium & long term planning, profitability improvement, more effective marketing, increasing sales, cost reduction.

Most clients also request on going mentoring to guide and coach either directors or key mangers including developing a succession plan.

These actions linked to agreed key performance measures will show impact on performance and bottom line profits.