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Here are a selection of some testimonials from clients.

Colin Tilson Founder Director Stowaway Scooters

As an entrepreneur Alan Briggs has advised me and helped write a business plan in addition to preparation for initial investment also assisting me to obtain £300k from angel investors.

He acted as an interim, part-time Managing Director and we established a Start-Up manufacturing business based in Taiwan. Activities included establishing all systems and processes. This included product licensing, roles and job descriptions, a performance appraisal system and management information systems which Alan advised, guided on and drafted many of the documents.

He ensured that we had IPR/patent protection with patents in place. Alan also oversaw the development of a website, admin systems and setting up of a UK office for this manufacturing business whose plant was based in Taiwan.

Much of this was all achieved whist I was working and living in the Far East evolving the product and establishing the manufacturing facility in Taiwan. The company is now seeking either Angel Investment or Trade sale.

I can thoroughly recommend Alan’s expertise and knowledge as an adviser and mentor for growth businesses also his activities as an interim MD.

Glenn Knight MD Training2Care Essex Ltd.

I have been using Alan Briggs as a mentor and adviser for the past two years. He has guided me through a time of massive change and growth. Alan has ensured that I took a strategic view and approach to the change from a sole trader to becoming a fast growth profitable business.

I have also subcontracted the development and delivery of all business training courses to Alan and have received glowing feedback on all of the programmes and activity that he has delivered on our behalf.

Elizabeth Forbes-Stobbe, Dial-a-Carer Service

“Alan is excellent at providing focus even on those difficult issues that I would have sooner ignored. Helped me provide a meaningful vision and plan to take the business forwards”.

Robin Brown, RockinRobs Cakes

Alan Briggs (My Mentor, my help to success)

I first met Alan at the Colchester Stadium just over 2 years ago. I was taking part in a Peter Jones certificated business course as I was intending to open my own cake business and needed to know all about running a business.

As soon as Alan started talking I knew this guy meant business and he knew all about it, so my eyes and ears were firmly concentrating on what he was saying. Yes there were some there that thought it was school all over again and Alan knew who those ones were, you could tell as his eyes concentrated on those that wanted to learn.

During the course Alan covered everything we needed to know and more, so when the time came we were prepared for the good times and the bad times, and everything that came in-between those times as well. To be honest it scared me at first, but with the information and data collected in my brain from all the information that Alan gave us it became quite clear and was not scary at the finish of the course.

Alan said if there is anything I can do to help let me know.  I bet he wished he had not said that now.

A couple of weeks had passed and things were going slow, my Mentor from Ixion the Government contractors organising the course had not been in contact and I had no one to turn to, but then a phone call changed all that. It was Alan, I told him what a mess things were and I had no help, from that point Alan became my mentor. I needed help with my website, advertising, social media listings, all areas of my business, mainly everything apart  from how to make a cake.

From then on Alan helped me with everything to do with the web, advertising, media and he explained about Hootsuite, Gmail, Google+, Twitter and Facebook business pages which I didn’t really have an interest in.

But I took Alan’s advice a few weeks later and I wished I had done it sooner, the replies and coverage I received from Celebrities and from other clients was outstanding, Ricky Gervais, Joey Essex and Laura Trott OBE all contacted me after I posted pictures of my cakes on the sites with tweets & messages. Alan was over the moon that I had finally taken his advice, and so was I.

Alan has been with me since day one, there has been hard times to the extent of me giving up, but Alan was there and brought it all back up again, he never gave up on me and that made me carry on, it is over 2 years now and Alan is still there giving me advice and keeping me up to date with business and social media changes.

Without Alan Briggs I would have given up a long time ago.