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Existing Business

Many existing businesses feel they seem to be constantly fighting fires chasing debts, finding new sales, organising the work & staff, dealing with employment law and other legislation issues.

Owners and directors in many cases feel that they their businesses not seem to be performing as they wish. A regular comment is, ‘We are busy but we don’t seem to be making as much money as we expected.’

One of their biggest worries is running out of money. This is a major risk for a large number of businesses especially in a period as the economy moves out of recession. The new sales they have fought hard to win have got to be financed buying stock or materials, making a product. Even service sector businesses have to cash flow the work being carried out especially if the new sales mean extra staff costs or overtime. In both sectors there is waiting to get paid! Just managing costs is a battle on its own. Take a look at my existing business support options for a flexible range of options that will suit your needs

Business growth brings another challenge. As a business grows just like a teenager they suffer growth pains. The movement from survival to growth stage brings its own problems. The owners or directors often mention that they are undergoing a major change but do not seem to be achieving what they thought.

The image of coping with lots of spinning plates is one that is familiar to owners or directors of small and medium size businesses, so it’s no wonder that they feel under pressure.

I  understand these problems and have put together a number of solutions form trusted and tried suppliers, my aim is to help owners and directors work smarter not harder. There are a number of ways that I can help.

Firstly I am a source of information and can guide you through the maze of rules and regulations then assist you to make sense of them and implement what’s needed in a cost effective, simple way.

Secondly I can help ensure that you grow in the right way the Evolve Business Development Programme will not only provide you with the strategies, tactics, techniques, simple systems and tools to grow and manage rapid growth effectively. This includes leveraging new technology low cost to keep costs down.

Thirdly chasing debts is a time consuming problem and one that we can help you solve easily we have identified a highly professional company that provide a ‘no win no fee’ debt recovery service and can manage your debtors effectively.

If your business is operates overseas or purchases products or service from out side of the UK then one challenge is coping with currency issues and the cost and delays. Again we can help you to solve this headache and save time and money.

The use of technology is becoming the edge that enables even micro businesses to compete in the market and keep costs down to a minimum. In addtion to my personal knowledge and skills I have access to expertise covering Computers & IT and also recommend new communications technology such as Skype to all of my clients as an easy way to massively reduce costs and efficiency. Trying to be in several place at once  is the issue for small business owners one approach is to work virtually.  I can even help you utilise a Virtual Office Assistant to act as your office also creating the image of a larger business.

One big problem for small businesses is space, but the great news is I have that covered. Through my trusted network you can have access to an archive facility to store documents. If you need a more extensive solution there is a document scanning and document management system. Just think how much staff and management time could be saved.

If you operate an online business then a Fulfilment Service can take all of the headaches away. Receiving your stock, storing it then picking & packing when you get orders and then sending them out can all be done for you at a cost effective price.

With all of these solutions available you can stop watching out for spinning plates and concentrate on the most important issue making money.

Contact us today to discuss your issues and how I can help you to solve them.