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Existing Business Support

Existing businesses may have been trading for a few years or can be an early stage survival business but in both cases the problems are often similiar. Owners can feel that they are torn in a dozen different directions and seem to be constantly fighting fires ‘We are busy but we don’t seem to be making as much money as we expected.’ is a common comment.  All of their effort is focussed on survival and day to day issues, they are busy ‘working in the business rather than working on the business’. Often Owners and Directors feel that they their businesses not seem to be performing as they wish.

Evolve Business Development Programme

The Evolve Business Development Programme is designed to solve these problems and enable the Owners or Directors to ‘Work Smarter not Harder’ whilst ensuring that the business grows rapidly. The flexible range of support options enables Owners and Directors to select a programme that best suits their needs. And all from the price of two cups of coffee per day!

Evolve Option 1

4 Day Business Development Programme. Including key business skills and a development of a business plan. With supporting modules and business plan format. Price £200

Evolve Onine Option 2

Eight module, online Business Development Webinar Programme with live question facility, viewable as an archive, 24/7 seven days per week. Includes supporting written modules and Business Plan format. Price £200

Evolve Onine Option 3

Flexible, scheduled, 2 hour, one to one mentoring sessions via a video link developing examining business issues and or to evolve a business plan at your pace. With supporting material and a Business Plan format. Price £60 per month subscription by standing order.

Evolve Onine Option 4

Business Development Kit including supporting modules and Business Plan format. Supplemented by Business Adviser with multi discipline experience/qualifications available by telephone, online or via video link. Price £25