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High Growth Business Programme

Programme for High Growth Businesses

High Growth Business Owners either want fast growth or want to manage it.  Seeking bank funding or investment, creating a sales & marketing strategy, implementing systems, policies and proceedures etc all have to be dealt with.  But rapid growth brings its own challenges, also there is not enough time or knowledge to capitalise on oppotunities such as exports. Then of course there are the neccessary requirements of protecting the brand name, patents etc. I have been assisting Fast Growth and High Growth Start Up Business Owners with these issues for 20 years and have evolved Excite,a specific set of options designed to address all of this and more. These winning business owners and their staff are opperating High Growth Businesses using and leading edge techniques whilst the rest of the pack are still operating in the old world approach. I am certain that you will want to know their secrets. Well now you can and these techniques are easy and inexpensive to implement, often they are free to put into place. Now you can learn about the following exciting business growth & development strategies and techniques that will help you to achieve rapid and sustainable success. For example you will:

  • Learn how to implement ten golden rules that will ensure that your business survives and thrives in a fast growth evironment.
  • Understand how banks and investors assess your business and ensure that you are funder and investment ready
  • Ensure that you are able to cash flow your growth
  • Gain knowledge that will help you to manage rapid business business growth easily and with less effort
  • Understand and implement the seven steps to sales and marketing success that could rapidly increase your business turnover by a massive %  without reducing your profitability!
  • Learn and implement free and low cost cutting edge marketing techniques that can dramatically increase customers that want to buy your services or products
  • Understand and implement the latest in online marketing techniques
  • Obtain tools that will make it easier to plan and control the financial systems of your business
  • Discover how four under used keys strokes on your computer can help you to drive quality and customer care through your company.
  • Hear about ways to save literally thousands of pounds of expenditure in your business.

And best of all How to make more money whilst working smarter not harder.

Excite Business Development Programme Options:

Excite Option 1 4 Day Business Growth Programme, Business Growth & Development  Process including key business skills training and development of a strategic business plan for growth. With supporting modules and Business Plan format. Price £400 per person. Excite Online Option 2 Eight session online Business Growth Webinar Programme with live question facility and viewable as an archive 24/7 days per week. With supporting modules and Business Plan format. Price £200 Excite Online Option 3 Flexible, scheduled, 2 hour, one to one mentoring sessions via a video link developing key business growth skills and examining business development issues evolving a business growth strategy and business plan at the clients pace. With supporting material and a Business Growth Plan format. Price £100 per month subscription via standing order  Excite Online Option 4 Business Growth Development Kit including supporting modules and Business Growth Plan format. Supplemented by Business Adviser with multi discipline experience/qualifications available by telephone, online or via video link. Price £100.