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Debt Recovery

Most businesses have this issue at the front of their mind especially in difficult economic times. First when you are speaking to a new potential customer how do you check their credit?  Then the next problem is getting paid. Sometimes there is the constant chasing and worst of all the bad debt.

Of course you could just grab the Yellow Pages and hope that you don’t end up with either an unscrupulous couple of tough guys that will damage your reputation or someone who will just run up a big bill and not recover your money.

Chasing debts yourself is a time consuming problem and one that we can help you solve easily we have identified a highly professional company. Daniels Silverman provide a ‘no win no fee’ Debt Recovery Service and can manage your debtors effectively. Several of my clients have used them and have recommend their service highly.

Daniels Silverman provide a combination of automated event driven technology and highly trained and motivated staff have produced unprecedented collection results for our clients.

Key features of Daniels Silverman’s commercial debt collection service are:-

Daniels Silverman are so confident that if a debt is collectable they will collect it for their clients. As a result their debt recovery service operates on a no win no fee basis for pre-legal collections (95% of cases resolved at this stage). There are no placement fees, letter writing fees, or phone costs. If they do not recover, you do not pay.

Dedicated Account Manager for each client
Clients have a dedicated Account Manager so that they know who is dealing with their debts at all times. Each Manager is highly trained and incentivised. They learn the background to each matter and apply the most appropriate course of action. Useful advice and guidance can therefore be given to clients at each stage of collection.

Bespoke action paths depending on the debt age, type and criteria
Not all debts are the same. To achieve the best chance of recovery, each debt must be treated individually and the most effective collection techniques used depending on the age, type and criteria of each matter. Debt information is analysed on receipt and a decision taken as to the quickest recovery procedure to be used.

Automated event driven conditional processes
 Daniels Silverman have invested heavily in state of the art technology, including SQL databases and automated collection processes. This ensures all routine steps are automatic and take place without user intervention. Broken agreements and defaults are followed up automatically. This allows their talented collectors to concentrate on what they do best – collect by phone.

Proactive collection by telephone
By far the most important step in collecting debt is contact with each debtor by phone. Their team of highly skilled collectors use all methods of persuasion at their disposal to ensure maximum returns for their clients. Excuses are overcome and disputes resolved. Automatic dial facilities ensure total efficiency and unprecedented results.

Personal visits
Where a more persistent approach is needed, the debtor can be visited at home or work. If necessary, legal proceedings can be personally served to ensure maximum impact.

Focus on insolvency procedures resulting in early payment
By applying their philosophy of debt collection the “can’t pays” are quickly separated from the “won’t pays”. The latter category is then chased using insolvency procedures, rather than traditional methods. Debtors are advised personally of the implications of insolvency, normally resulting in a successful recovery.

Extensive payment methods for debtors and remitting to clients
It is important to ensure the debtor has no excuse not to pay. They therefore take all methods of payment including cash, cheque, bankers draft, BACs, CHAPs, credit and debit cards and can provide personal paying in books where appropriate. Cleared funds are remitted to clients each week from their audited client account in whatever format their clients require.

Regular progress reports in multiple formats
It is important clients are aware of what action is being taken on their cases and are kept informed of progress throughout.  Their automated system ensures this happens in every case. Clients are notified on each case as developments occur and receive regular reports on their entire portfolio of debt placed with Daniels Silverman for collection.

Dispute resolution service
In the current economic climate, debtors try to avoid payment by raising spurious or vexatious disputes. Sometimes the amount concerned can be a fraction of the total debt value outstanding, and yet the debtor withholds the entire sum overdue. Daniels Silverman’s team of collectors are fully trained in the art of negotiation and quickly establish the facts of each matter. Disputes can then be overturned and matters settled quickly without the need for lengthy litigation through the Courts.

 Daniels Silverman accept instructions in any format from their clients including post, fax, email and other electronic formats.

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