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Mentoring and Training for Young Potential Entrepreneurs

by Editor on 30th March 2012

Mentoring and training young potential entrepreneurs who want to start businesses has over the past twenty years given me a lot of pleasure. In fact a large number of graduates now see starting their own business as the best option in the current climate.

You are probably thinking that this particular group of clients will be unable to pay my normal daily rates so I won’t get rich by helping them, and I guess that from a purely financial perspective you would be right. But in spite of the challenges these youngsters are more motivated and open minded than some of my mainstream clients who often frustrate the hell out of me when I first start to mentor or train them.

For these young budding entrepreneurs every day is new and exciting especially for those who see self employment as viable option. They are hungry to learn and want to try almost anything that is suggested.

This is in stark contrast to some of the owners of small businesses that I have mentored and trained over the years. One would think that if they had paid a reasonable sum of money that they would be willing, motivated and open to new ideas. But I wish I had a pound for every time I have heard, “we tried that before and it didn’t work”, “my business is different.” In fact sometimes I just want to give them a good shake.

Undaunted by this I continue to drive my business forward and practice what I preach by utilising the latest techniques and technology to deliver my services to clients. One of the spinoffs of working with young people over the years is that it encourages me to keep my finger on the pulse and my mind fresh and open.

I can remember a few years ago standing in a classroom at a local school, the room full of 15 year olds studying business, all absorbing concepts and ideas but at the same time challenging the status quo. It was one of the most enjoyable training sessions that I have delivered as a guest speaker.

Young potential entrepreneurs are always keen to see things from a different perspective and are hungry for knowledge. They are the future and I believe that we owe it to them to give them the encouragement and to help them create a future that they desire.

They also want to receive their information and training in new and different ways, via the laptop, tablet or smart phone. These are their windows into the world and this is how they often want to get their information or even training. They also want to know how to use the latest and most innovative ways to do business.

Taking all of this into account I constantly revisit the services that I offer and the different options for people to access them. Many of my clients now access my training and mentoring via Skype, Google Chat and webinars etc using cutting edge technology. The great news is that by using this technology I can make my services accessible and affordable for the young entrepreneurs. Most of my redesigned services now feature online, budget price service options which are easily accessible.

My Start Up, Mentoring, Existing Business, Family Business, Business Boost Workshops and Online Marketing programmes and many others have online options.

Obviously these are attractive options for my younger clients. But also now some of who they might call ‘wrinklys’ are using these options to work with me on starting up or developing/growing their business. So perhaps we should also see ‘Youth’ is a state of mind.

I can remember quite a few years ago joining a company, tasked to troubleshoot a business unit. After a few months, an older guy who brought me in, (a blunt Glaswegian called George) walked up and stood next to me whilst I sat at a desk.

George put his hand on my shoulder and said something that has stuck with me for the rest of my life. “The thing about you ‘Briggsy’ is that you are like a sponge you just absorb knowledge.”

George become my mentor and was instrumental in setting me on the path to becoming a business adviser, mentor, trainer and consultant. So I see it as my duty to help young potential entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities offered by setting up their own business and make it easy, affordable and enjoyable to gain the vital knowledge that they need to succeed.

Contact me today if you are a young potential entrepreneur or just young at heart!

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