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Online Marketing

Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media, QR Codes, Google AdWords, Pay per Click, Blogs are terms that confuse many owners of small businesses or managers in Social Enterprises and Charities. But in today’s highly competitive business environment organisations of all types ignore these techniques at their peril.

To stay ahead of the game these highly cost effective marketing tools must be utilised. Many of these techniques are free or very low cost to implement or use and the results can be dramatic. You can learn about these powerful techniques on my Online Marketing Programmes.

Using these new methods enables the smallest business to compete and beat some of the largest companies in any market.

A vast number of small businesses and organisations fail to recognise that finding and selling to new and existing customers has just become easier, cheaper and more profitable.

Just setting up a website is only the beginning and a very high percentage fail to get visitors or even worse don’t sell to them when they do chance on the website.

The great news is that these new techniques and tools are really easy to use when you know how.

I work with business owners and guide them through the jargon and assist with using these powerful techniques either on a one to one basis or via workshops and webinars.

I have been trained by Google to instruct and guide businesses in the use of Google AdWords, AdSense, Google Display Network, Google Places, Google Mobile and their other platform YouTube.

Unlike other forms of marketing they generate free and very precise measurable statistics (Analytics) to enable continuous improvement of response. So these channels are extremely cost effective as not one penny is wasted as used correctly only qualified potential customers respond.

Using Blogs and Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the new kid on the block Google+ are very effective ways to market a business. However business people are often confused and worried about how to get started and the perceived large time commitment to start and maintain these marketing channels. However there are simple free tools that can enable users to post messages to multiple social media platforms simultaneously even via a mobile phone.

Still unsure why this is important for you and your marketing? Well here’s the relevance for you, what I term ‘Local and Proximity Marketing.’

The Smart Phone is connected directly to the internet and this presents both opportunities and threats for your business. It means that consumers and businesses are accessing the internet in ways that never existed until the past couple of years. This has opened up new low-cost and free marketing techniques for even the smallest business.

For instance did you know that for no cost your business details could appear on Smart Phones with photographs a link to interactive maps and directions for both walking and driving to your premises. Not only that but links to your website are displayed and customers can enter ratings on your business. You can even provide vouchers for special offers. Most importantly you can examine where the searchers were when they accessed what is effectively a mini website, so you can see where to target future marketing activity. Oh! and best of all, this system also works on internet searches via conventional computers, laptops and the iPad / android tablets. So your details are online when customers are at home in the office or on the move.

From a local marketing perspective a Smart Phone or iPad/Tablet user can stand in an area punch a couple of keystrokes and find out what businesses of any kind are nearby and get directions to walk to them.

The bad news that if you have not taken up your free registration you wont be on that search. Because the registration is linked to an address there is a threat. Already in North America unscrupulous businesses are using their competitors un registered mini sites and directing visitors to their business.

QR Codes

Another major marketing technique is the Quick Code, also known as a QR Code. You have probably noticed these small symbols appearing in advertisements in magazines and on products.

QR Code

These QR codes are like super bar codes but containing much more information. More and more people are down loading a free Application (App), that’s a free piece of software for the uninitiated. I produced the QR Code above in seconds using a free to use website. So when anyone with a Smart Phone, with the reader app downloaded, scans the symbol using the camera it instantly takes them to my main business website.

But more importantly for your business you can direct the person scanning the QR Code to a mini website promoting a product also getting them to sign up, giving you permission to send more information at their email address at anytime. You could even produce a code giving more information about a product print it on a sticker and put it on the product or on the shelf, the uses are endless.

These are techniques that I am using with clients right now. If you don’t want to be left behind join the surfing revolution or be prepared to be wiped out by the tidal wave being ridden by your competitors!

Contact us today to discuss how you can use these ‘Local Marketing’ techniques and many others to boost your business now. You can learn about these powerful techniques on my Online Marketing Programmes.