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Master of Online Marketing

Becoming a ‘Master of Online Marketing’ is critical to business success in today’s business environment. Business owners who understand and use these cutting edge techniques and tools will be the ones that dominate their local, national and international markets. The great news is that many of these methods are zero or low cost. Not only that but only a very small percentage of businesses use these techniques so by becoming a ‘Master’ you really have the potential make a dramatic impact and achieve a massive increase in sales and profit for zero or very low costs.

So how do you master these techniques and get these massive benefits?

Well you could spend the next couple of years investing your time researching this subject and find that you waste lots of money along the way.

But why do that when you could just spend a few hours learning about these revolutionary methods and become a Master of ‘Master of Online Marketing’?  You even have the choice of attending a workshop, online webinars or even a One to One ‘Online Marketing Mastery Session.’ 

What will you learn about in these powerful workshops, online webinars or One to One ‘Online Marketing Mastery Sessions’?  Well put simply you will learn to leverage the very latest and leading edge Online Marketing methods. Here’s an outline of what the modules will cover:

Module 1: Website Mastery

Website Design Fundamentals

Why many website designers can seriously damage your online marketing. A huge percentage of professionally designed websites are simply online brochures that achieve nothing. You will learn about how to turn your website into a lead, customer and profit generating machine.

How to Get Traffic/Visitors to your Website and Why this is only the Beginning

Your business lives and dies by customers. But many businesses, (even if their website gets enough visitors), find that visitors just visit and go or worse are the wrong customers. If your website does not get enough of the right visitors then you will not make sales. You will learn how to use tools, strategies, and techniques for driving high-quality, highly-qualified and, most important of all highly motivated visitors to your site who’ll gladly pay you whatever you ask for your products and services.

What to say on your website

How simple changes in wording can dramatically impact results. Properly written copy on your website is the most powerful selling tool you have at your disposal. Learn how you can have powerful sales pages online selling your products and services while you sleep.

Converting Visitors to Customers

To make a profit you’ve got to convert website visitors into paying customers, or you may as well not have visitors at all. Simply having visitors won’t make you any money. You will learn the secrets of what it takes to grab your website visitors and turn them into paying customers and clients. Also why most website designers are probably the last person you should let loose on your website. You will also understand how to optimise and test landing pages creating the sales funnel to dramatically increase conversion rates.

Module 2: SEO Mastery

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your website listed in the first page of the Search Engines – like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others is the Holy Grail but there is a lot of rubbish being spouted by ‘Internet Gurus.’ These listing are a fantastic and FREE source of highly profitable traffic but to tap into this Gold Rush of money means getting a high placing in the Search Engine rankings. Google have stated that they take into account 200 different on-page and off-page criteria when they rank your website pages. You will learn what you need to do to ensure your pages rank well for highly profitable keywords and phrases regardless of the competition.

Module 3: E-Mail Marketing Mastery

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful yet most underused, and often poorly used marketing strategy there is. If you do it correctly it can drive an unending stream of sales for virtually zero cost. But if you get it wrong you can destroy your list in one short step or worse still you can be classed as a spammer and your domain shut down by the ISP. You will understand Auto responders, how they can create and schedule unlimited email campaigns, capture contact details from landing pages and personalise messages. Not only that but how this can happen 24/7 even whilst you sleep or are on holiday! You will also understand which emails work and which ones won’t.

Module 4: Online Advertising Mastery

Pay per Click

Why Pay per Click Advertising on Google and the other equivalent search engine tools are the biggest Marketing revolution this century.

You will learn how you use Google AdWords, just the most effective method for reaching highly qualified potential customers, whatever type of business you’re in. How to avoid mistakes that other Businesses Owners have made when they attempted PPC and have not only failed to make any money, but have lost thousands of pounds. Why the problem is not about the method, it’s about the implementation and you’ll understand the simple and measurable process that will make it work for you. You will also understand Facebook Advertising and why this highly targeted system can be used with laser guided accuracy to target customers ready to buy your services or product.

Display/Banner Advertising

The high cost of banner ads in the past and the low click-through rates made banner advertising an expensive and easy way to waste money but new tools such as Google Display Network has changed the game.  Internet banner advertising can be another source of highly profitable traffic but only if you do it right. With the price of banner adds plummeting and new unique strategies for supercharging your click-through rates you can tap into this new and profitable source of traffic.


The very latest, but almost unknown, Online Marketing technique ‘Re-Marketing’ or ‘Re-Targeting’ as it’s also called, is a dramatic breakthrough in that you MUST be aware of and be using in your business.

It’s so new that almost no one is using it, your competitors probably have not discovered this incredibly powerful tool yet. It is a easily implemented and affordable way of literally “stalking” your website visitors constantly putting your marketing messages in front of them, even when they didn’t leave their details on your website. Not only that but this is the only way of reaching out to website visitors who visit your site and leave without interacting with you and you will be shown how to do it.

Online Video

Another of Google’s platforms YouTube is dominating this new low cost Online Marketing opportunity. This is the next best thing to standing in front of your prospective customers and clients and selling to them first-hand. By using YouTube it’s never been easier to incorporate online video into your sales funnel and you do NOT necessarily get more sales simply by spending more on fancy and professionally produced video. Get it right and your profits will leap as a result. By using video in the right way you can boost your conversion rates by 50% or more.

Module 5: Online Advertising Mastery

Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube or Pinterest, Social Media Marketing has massive potential to be a huge pipeline of profitable customers for most businesses. But set up and operated incorrectly they can drain all your time and energy, leaving you out of pocket and with NO extra business to show for it. We’ll uncover the uncomfortable truth behind all the Social Media Marketing hype: which platforms to use, what tools to use, where to go, what to say and what to do. You will learn what NOT to say and how you could destroy your online credibility in one message!

Module 6: Local Proximity and Mobile Marketing Mastery

Local Proximity and Mobile Marketing

The number of smartphone owners has reached 72 per cent in the UK, growing by 14 per cent in the last 10 months alone, according to research from Deloitte.

Generation Y – those aged around 25 to 30 – are the most likely to own a smartphone, at 89 per cent, and are considered a key target for mobile marketers. But Generation Z – those aged 16 to 24 – follow closely with 85 per cent smartphone ownership, and these people are the happiest group to use apps for shopping rather than going in store, at 48 per cent. More than half, 54 per cent, of 54 to 65-year olds now own a smartphone too.

Gen Z are also more likely to use their phone for search, 59 per cent compared to 34 per cent on average, and to prefer that their search is relevant to their location, at 52 per cent versus 40 per cent overall.

More people own a smart phone than own a toothbrush FACT. These new phones and associated marketing methods are revolutionising the way that businesses market their business ands attract customers.

The massive change in the way consumers and businesses seek information even on the move is the biggest game changer for even the smallest business.

Creating a free localised mini website using a Google product that can even generate and push vouchers with area specific tracking of visitors and measurable take-up data will set your business ahead of the pack.

You will also lean about another free system that targets local customers with vouchers and offers via text.

As a bonus will be taught about QR Codes and how to use this new powerful tool to promote your business, provide information. You can even use QR Codes as a method to capture visitors and obtain their permission to send marketing messages to them.

‘Master of Online Marketing’ Options

There are a number of options so that you can access the training modules in most flexible and convenient way to suit your needs and budget. Click here to view the ‘Master of Online Marketing’ Options.

About my e-Business Experience

I have been providing professional business advice, mentoring and training for almost 20 years following a successful career holding Sales & Marketing Management/Directorship positions across diverse cross sector businesses including tangible and non-tangible goods & services. Several of these roles included Business Turnaround assignments and Business Unit Start-Up’s.

I have considerable ‘Business to Business’ and ‘Business to Consumer’ experience. In addition, with two other people I started a service business at the age of 21, growing within 12 months to employ 80 people.

I was at the forefront of the e-business revolution with responsibility for managing the Essex E- Business Club at its inception in 1999. The club was a joint venture between Business Link and The Chamber of Commerce and ran workshops helping the first Essex Businesses to establish an internet presence and begin trading online.

Six years later I was a founder director and company secretary of e-Business Forums Ltd. e-Business Forums Ltd. were internet technology consultants who helped businesses to profit through use of online technologies by supplying workshops, impartial analysis and advice followed by supplier recommendation. Within 3 months the organisation won a £80K project from the Regional Development Agency to establish a portal and deliver services under their brand.

This was just part of my portfolio of business interests, since 2005 I have delivering business advice, mentoring and training under my own brand, Dynamic Business Strategies Ltd. I have also undertaken training with Google covering their suite of products including, AdWords™ , its networks and advertising programmes. the Search, Display and growing Mobile networks, including Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Acquisition (PPA) models. I have also knowledge of Facebook and the little known secrets that will make your use of this powerful marketing tool massively more effective.

Contact me today and discuss your needs and the most appropriate modules and advice.