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Public Relations

Public Relations – the clever route to gaining extra customers

You may be producing the best possible product or providing the most wonderful service – but both will be utterly pointless if you don’t make your potential customer-base aware of these very salient facts.

It’s awareness which creates sales – but how to create awareness, that’s the issue!

The most cost-effective means of reaching the most number of people is through media relations. An article in the media can reach tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of potential customers. A positive article in the media about your business carries credibility with readers which a paid-for advert cannot achieve.

Ask yourself, what are you most likely to believe and respond to: an advert from a restaurant stating it’s the best in town, or a restaurant review saying it’s the best eatery the reviewer has eaten in for years? Exactly!  Media relations is also considerably less expensive than paid-for advertising. One article can be sent to a number of media for the one cost, whereas a paid-for advert will cost you for every different publication in which it appears.

What’s more, the media is surprisingly receptive to contributed material. In fact, many local/regional newspapers are verging on being reliant on it! Carried out correctly, media relations offers you regular, positive exposure to people who want to spend money with you.

It might be that you don’t feel confident enough to write your own press releases, then we can provide help and guidance. If you would prefer to get someone else to handle this, we can put you in contact with trusted suppliers. Whether you need a one-off Press Release or an on-going media relations campaign, a package can usually be tailored to suit your needs and, you will be relieved to hear, your budget.

Using the correct language when putting together a leaflet, brochure, advert or website is key to attracting customers. Crisp, well written copy designed with its target audience in mind is worth its weight in gold – never try and cut corners !

So if you don’t want all your talent and hard work to go to waste because not enough people are aware of it, talk to us about exploiting the media. Pound for pound, it’s the most cost-effective means of communicating with would-be customers and no marketing strategy is complete without it.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get your message in front of a huge number of potential customers!