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Why Business Mentoring?

Often decisions are made in isolation by directors and managers and there is the nagging doubt, ‘ have I made the right decision? ‘ Or ‘ I wish I could run this past someone else before I commit.’ Also for these individuals time is a diminishing resource and decision making is made rapidly.

This is why business mentoring is so powerful, put simply “Business Mentoring is an interaction between at least two people, in which the knowledge, experience and skills of one or both are shared, leading to growth and self-understanding”.

Mentoring Session Structure

There are a number of flexible options and services can be provided either face to face or via a free live video link with any computer anywhere in the world.

The sessions cover all aspects of the business using a balanced business scorecard ensuring the all aspects of the business are covered.

The structured sessions usually include:

  • Actions from last session.
  • Key Performance Indicator Reviews.
  • New issues.
  • Project status for any ongoing projects.
  • An update from me communicating useful information latest news (i.e changes in legislation, new cutting edge techniques etc.).
  • Providing help or information needed by the client.

To find out how the Evolve Business Mentoring Programme could really help your business to perform Contact us today!