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Online Marketing Mastery Programme Options

The powerful ‘Online Marketing Mastery’ programme of training and or support is available via a number of flexible options to suit the needs of businesses, organisations and individuals.

‘Online Marketing Mastery’ Options

You have the choice of receiving training, advice and guidance in the following ways:

  • attending a ‘Online Marketing Mastery’ Workshop,
  • login to via the internet to a online ‘Online Marketing Mastery’ webinar
  • receiving One to One mentoring covering ‘Online Marketing Mastery Sessions’

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All workshops are usually delivered in our modern training facilities in Essex. The workshop format for each individual module is 4 hours duration (9:30 am to 1:30pm) and the cost is £60 per delegate payable in advance.


All webinars are delivered online and are 4 hours duration and the cost is £60 per delegate per module payable in advance.

One to One ‘Online Marketing Mastery Sessions’

Each of the six modules are 4 hours duration and can be delivered via Skype or Google+ Talk the cost for the whole programme per delegate is £600.

Dependent on location and client need a tailored programme of support covering the One to One ‘Online Marketing Mastery Sessions’ may be available at the clients site within Essex. The charge will be dependant on client’s individual needs.

‘Online Marketing Mastery’ Modules

Module 1 Website Mastery

How to create a website that acts as a magnet for business and generates visitors, captures their details and converts them into profitable customers.

  1. Website Design Fundamentals
  2. How to Get Traffic/Visitors to your Website and Why this is only the Beginning
  3. What to say on your website
  4. Converting Visitors to Customers

 Module 2 SEO Mastery

How to make certain that your website is optimised and gets ‘good natural listing’. Ensuring that your website or landing pages get displayed by the search engines when potential customers search !

  1. Search Engine Optimisation, demystifying the subject
  2. Optimising your pages to make it Google and Bing friendly
  3. Optimising your site to make things more accessible by the online spiders
  4. Looking at your keywords and key phrases – the words you want to be found by
  5. Getting incoming links to your site from other websites

Module 3 E-Mail Mastery

Email Marketing is the most powerful yet most underused, and often poorly used marketing strategy there is. If you do it correctly it can drive an unending stream of sales for virtually zero cost.

  1. The Marketing e-Mail and Why it is still Powerful
  2. The Pitfalls
  3. The e-Mail Myth
  4. When to Use an e-Mail
  5. The Two Types of e-Mail and Why One Fails
  6. Winning e-Mail Formats
  7. What are Auto Responders and Why You Should Use One
  8. Scheduling e-Mails

 Module 4 Online Advertising Mastery

You will learn how you use Google AdWords, Google Display Network Online Video Marketing and the most effective methods for reaching highly qualified potential customers, whatever type of business you’re in.

  1. What is Pay per Click and How to Use it
  2. The Advances and Use of Display/Banner Advertising
  3. The Power of Re-Marketing/Re-Targeting
  4. Setting Up and Using Online Video

 Module 5 Social Media Mastery

Social Media marketing has massive potential to be a huge pipeline profitable customers for most businesses. But set up and operated incorrectly can drain all your time and energy, leaving you out of pocket and with NO extra business to show for it. We’ll uncover the uncomfortable truth behind all the Social Media Marketing hype: which platforms to use, what tools to use, where to go, what to say and what to do.

  1. What is social media and why should you be using it?
  2. Analysis of key social networking sites
  3. Ways in which it can assist your business
  4. Linking up social media with your online and offline marketing
  5. How to set up business social media accounts and use them effectively
  6. Social Media Management, Tracking Brands and Keywords
  7. Creating an online following
  8. Getting the best out of writing online
  9. Simple and time effective planning of Social Media Activity

 Module 6 Localised & Mobile Marketing Mastery

The massive change in the way consumers and businesses seek information even on the move is the biggest game changer for even the smallest business. Creating a free localised mini website using a Google product that can even generate and push vouchers with area specific tracking of visitors and measurable take-up data will set your business ahead of the pack. You will also learn about QR Codes and how to use this new powerful tool to promote your business, provide information. You will even be able to use QR Codes as a channel to capture visitors and obtain their permission to send marketing messages to them.

  1. Local Proximity and Mobile Marketing.  What is it and Why Use It?
  2. The Mobile Revolution
  3. The Google Tools
  4. QR Codes and How to Harness their Power
  5. The Digital Screen Option

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