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Retail Business Boost Programme

I launched the ‘Retail Business Boost Programme’ because it has never been tougher for Retail Businesses. The downturn has seen a huge drop in consumer spending and even longstanding retailers who have survived several recessions have closed. It is vital that every retail business reviews its position and is able to compete in today’s tough retail market place.

Winning retail businesses have common characteristics; they know where they are going and position their business to meet their customer’s needs. They ensure that they have the right stock and offer the right services at the right price. The customer is king in these businesses. Their whole philosophy, systems and marketing is geared to attracting, converting and retaining customers, then turning them into ‘raving fans’ who will recommend their business to friends and contacts.

When it comes to marketing these savvy retailers are using the latest, cutting edge and often low cost or free marketing techniques.

The ‘Retail Business Boost Programme’ has been evolved to turn retail business into retail champions.

The programme options have been designed to meet the specific needs of the retail sector. You can choose to access the training in modules on line or via one to one mentoring sessions or by attending ‘Retail Business Boost Workshops’.

The sessions will cover these vital success factors:

  1. Your Personal Aspirations and Your Business Vision & Objectives
  2. Positioning Your Business for Success
  3. Profiling Your Target Customer
  4. Creating a Strategy for Products and Ranges
  5. Your 4 P’s, Product, Price, Place Promotion
  6. Customer Attraction, Retention & Development Strategy
  7. Selection of Suppliers & Your Supply Chain
  8. Management and Control or Your Business
  9. Systems and Procedures

The cost of participation in the Retail Business Boost Programme starts from as little as the price of two cups of coffee per day.

‘Retail Business Boost Programme’ Options:

You have the choice of receiving training, advice and guidance in the following ways

  • attending a ‘Retail Business Boost Programme’ Workshop,
  • login to via the internet to a online ‘Retail Business Boost Programme’ webinar
  • receiving One to One mentoring covering ‘Retail Business Boost Programme’


All workshops are usually delivered in our modern training facilities in Essex. The workshop format for each individual module is 4 hours duration (9:30 am to 1:30pm) and the cost is £60 per delegate payable in advance.


All webinars are delivered online and are 4 hours duration and the cost is £60 per delegate per module payable in advance.

One to One ‘Retail Business Boost Sessions’

Sessions are 4 hours duration and can be delivered via Skype or Google+ Talk the cost per session is £60 or for the whole programme (payment in advance) £500.

So if you have a retail business and want to join this select group of winning retail business contact me today to book a place or discuss your needs!