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Business Boost Workshops

Winning business attend our workshops, covering marketing, funding, business management, business planning, social enterprise establishment. The workshops are suitable for all businesses in their first year of trading and onwards and are ½ day duration. There are two ways that you can obtain the training and benefit from these cutting edge workshops.

Business Boost Workshops Option 1

Face to Face delivered in workshop environment Price £72 per person.

Business Boost Workshops Option 2

Online Webinar via video link with live question facility and viewable as an archive 24/7 7days per week. Includes supporting module and formats. Price £25 per person.


1. Business Boost – Kick Start Your Business  

For owners and managers looking to kick start their business and increase profits. This workshop is designed to give the right business skills, tools, sales literature, knowledge and skill sets to move any business up a gear and keep it ahead of its competitors.  I will show you how to find and attract new business which improves cash flow and margins.

2.  More Profit Accelerator

Gain the techniques to effectively focus all your activities on maximising profit. You will also learn how to use proven simple tools to improve business profitability even in a recession.

3.  Survive and Thrive

Especially in a recession or downturn without cash any business is finished. Understand the difference between profit and income. Recognise the danger signs before running out of cash. Also learn ways to generate more cash and minimise your overdraft & finance requirements.

4. Sales and Marketing Accelerator

For many owners and managers of businesses Sales and Marketing is a challenge. Learn the secrets of cost effective or free techniques that ensure success. Gain the confidence to sell effectively even if this is new to you.

5. Social Media for Growth

You have probably heard everyone talking about different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc and that they will create fast growth. However, if you’re like many businesses, you do not know where to start, use them to generate more customers and recruit more staff. This workshop will demystify social media and help you to get a head start.

6. I’m a Business Owner Get Me Out Of Here!

Like a lot of business owners you may be feeling the stresses and strains of running your business and feel that is no longer fun and more of a grind! For some owners they are not even getting the returns in terms of money or long-term capital growth that will enable them to see away to retire, sell or follow their original plan for exit. Many feel that they would just like to close the business but can’t do so without making a significant loss. If this sound familiar then this workshop will help you to create a sensible exit strategy with an action plan that enables a a viable way to either exit, sell or even make a partial exit whilst maintaining a good long-term income.

 7. Financing Your Business Growth or Survival.                                      

Having enough money to survive and thrive is vital for any business. This workshop will help owners to understand how much cash flow they require. Learn the best source of finance, overdraft, loan, grants etc. and how banks and providers of grants assess applications.

8. Managing Your Business – Information and Measures

Business success is about knowledge and identifying what is important, then keeping a tight control. All business owners or key managers will establish the key business performance measures and generate the information needed to maximise on performance and profitability.

9. Get the Best from Teams

Employees are your most expensive and important resource but are you getting the best from them? All business owners/mangers will gain techniques and systems/paperwork/tools to ensure that their managers and staff meet business objectives, profitably.