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Business Boost – Business Management Development 2 Day Programme

Achieving business success in any business or organisation depends on managers and supervisors having well rounded management skills. This 2 day management training program has been designed to provide people new to management and existing managers with the underpinning knowledge, skills and tools to become world class team managers. The programme is based on the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 3 Management Programme Modules.

The course focuses on exceptional leadership skills, managing staff, reporting back, delegation and how to motivate teams to achieve results.


Workshop is approximately 14 hours over 2 days.

The Course Covers:

Delegates will learn to become exceptional team managers and gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Become a highly effective leader
  • Manage Staff including creating motivation and ensuring effective delegation
  • Manage Change including Planning & Organisational Development

Why Should You Attend?

Any existing or new line manager knows that the tasks and problems that they face daily can be varied and challenging but having the right knowledge and skills coupled with simple management tools and techniques makes their role easier.

This interactive 2 day course will help you achieve a real breadth and depth of knowledge to ensure you succeed in the competitive world of line management. If you want to get the best out of your team and their effectiveness then this programme is for you.

The course is particularly relevant for:

  • Existing and new managers including newly promoted or those with no formal training working in businesses or organisations in any sector.
  • Managers wishing to develop and enhance their management styles


At the end of this 2 day management skills course the delegates will :

  • Delegate tasks to their staff effectively
  • Maximise their time management
  • Prioritise their workloads
  • Define their own and others expectations
  • Set measurable objectives and standards
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Manage their team effectively

2 Day Programme

  1. Becoming an Effective Leader
  • Leadership as a role
  • Management vs Leader
  • Motivating your team members as individuals and as a team
  • The different Leadership styles advantages/disadvantages

2. Developing Yourself and your Team Members

  • Defining your Role and Others
  • Recruitment, Induction and Appraisals
  • Training Needs and Personal Development Plans
  • Staff Coaching, Training and the Learning Cycle
  • Learning styles and using your findings
  • Building your Team

3. Communication & Feedback/Reporting

  • Communication as a process
  • Communication Barriers and How to Overcome them
  • Effective Feedback
  • Information systems and why you need them
  • Delegation vs Abdication

4. Planning & Development

  • Identifying and Problem Solving
  • Decision Making in The Workplace
  • Setting Objectives and Monitoring
  • Effective Time Management

5. Customers and You

  • Customers and their Importance to Everyone
  • Internal and External Customers and their needs
  • Using Customer Requirements to Drive Quality Improvement

6. The Management of Change

  • The Need for Continuous Evolution and Innovation
  • Change and the Importance of Communication
  • Change, Resistance and Overcoming the Barriers
  • Quality, Standards, How to Imbed TQM in Your Department and Through the Company

Pre-Course Work:

No pre course work is required for this Management Development Programme

Programme Schedule:

Day 1

1. Becoming an Effective Leader

2. Developing Yourself and your Team Members

3. Communication & Feedback/Reporting

Day 2

4. Planning & Development

5. Customers and You

6. The Management of Change

Business Boost Workshops  – Business Management Development 2 Day Programme Option 1

Face to Face delivered in workshop environment Price £350 per person.

Business Boost Workshops Option 2

Online Individual or Group Webinar via video link with live question facility and viewable as an archive 24/7 7days per week. Includes supporting module and formats. Price £300 per person.